Here’s an unsolicited but practical advice for the New Year 2021

Don’t dwell too much on the big picture. Focus on your situation up close and personal and pick out the details that you can manage and control.

Big picture analyses and reports abound. And they are mostly cautionary and, at best, iffy. They serve little to lift up the spirit.


‘Looking to the common good is much more than the sum of what is good for individuals. It means having a regard for all citizens and seeking to respond effectively to the needs of the least fortunate’ — Pope Francis

1. There’s a big difference between a team and a herd.

a. In a team, every member recognizes his or her role and relates to, and works with, the other. In a herd, members are just bunched up and don’t really have to care for the other.

b. In a…


The highly regarded theologian for the ages, Saint Thomas Aquinas, has described hope as a virtue that enables us to desire for something good that is “difficult, but possible to attain”

The words in the title of this article were uttered by Meghan Merkle, wife of Prince Harry, and Duchess of Sussex in the U.K., as she concluded her inspirational remarks at the recent CNN Heroes Program.

Meghan’s remarks are simple words that one hears quite often from people who wish…


Arrest, Search, and Seizure Order

On September 21, 1972, martial law was proclaimed all over the Philippines by the late dictator Ferdinand E. Marcos. He ruled as president for more than 20 years until he was ousted by People Power in 1986.

Thanks to resilience borne of our Faith and our family and social culture, we look unscathed and act friendly and peaceful despite some horrible experiences in the past. One of these experiences was the martial law regime in the Philippines.


She is, in the eyes of all the faithful, their Mother who also happens to be the Mother of God

The 8th of September — Catholics in the Philippines celebrated the traditional birthday anniversary of the Blessed Virgin Mary who became the mother of Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of God. As such, she was the mother of God. As such, she is our mother. This is why Catholics…


Personal relationships can be damaged by grave misunderstanding, hurtful quarrels, acts of treachery, or unexpected disillusionment. Sometimes, the damage runs deep and may seem irreparable

Once the spirit of forgiveness and reconciliation is allowed to heal the hurt and the pain, the former relationship comes alive again. It is elevated to new and unexpected heights. It becomes stronger than ever before.

This reminds me of a treasured friendship that was suddenly torn asunder and was…


Battling a pandemic is a thankless job — it a job better left to Superman

By its very nature, a pandemic conjures an emergency situation. The risks are high and treacherous. The effects are vicious and deadly. As the pandemic stretches, so does the emergency. The struggle is relentless and unceasing. It can sap one’s strength and energy. It can wear resources thin. …


A Rotarian, an educator, a speaker and a business consultant. Member, Filii Sancti Dominici (FILII).

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